Cuisine, Dining and Flavours

Explore delightful local cuisine at Loikaw Lodge and its surrounds. Discover traditional cooking methods in practice for centuries. Try our home-made desserts, bread, cookies and yoghurt to delight your taste-buds. Like Spaghetti? We use only the best ingredients to create authentic Italian dishes.

Savour Local Flavours.

We take pride in serving a rich breakfast that consists of home-made bread or pan cakes as well as of freshly made fruit salad and a choice of eggs. We go to the market almost every day to buy fruits and vegetables of the season to prepare deliciously fresh food and dishes. We do not have a fixed menu and rather decide in the morning of what to cook for lunch and dinner, depending on fresh ingredients available. Our Food philosophy is simple: fresh from the market, no MSG or processed food items.

At our Loika Lodge Cafe we also serve home-made Limonade, passion fruit soda and probably the best Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and Espresso in town.

If our guests are interested, we take them with us to the market when doing the groceries and point out some of the very specific fruits and vegetables of the region, such as eatable tree flowers (cooked and made into salad).

We do also recommend local restaurants that serve traditional Kayah food, rich in flavours and spice, as well as home-brewed rice or millet wine.