About Loikaw Lodge

Re-imagine local hospitality at the highest international standards. Experience the purity of Myanmarese warmth, beautifully blended with world-class service in the lands between the days.

Loikaw Lodge: Stories Through Time.

Loikaw Lodge’s vision is to provide a unique stay experience rather than just a room and a bed. Tasty dishes made of fresh ingredients from the market as well as a different set of excursion programs complement the stay in the Lodge and create “the experience”. Based on our customer feeback we optimize and further develop the stay experience so it becomes truly unique.

Here is what TheCultureTrip.com says about Loikaw and our Lodge in its curated 2017 list of “Best Hotels to stay at in Myanmar:“While Loikaw isn’t one of the most visited destinations in Myanmar, it is actually loaded with local culture that has been brought to focus by community-based tourism groups. The Padaung women (the ladies who wear brass rings around their neck to stretch them) originate from villages in this area. There are sausage-making activities, ox-cart rides, visiting the villages, and Taung Kwe Pagoda. The place to stay here is Loikaw Lodge, which just opened in late 2016. It is a gorgeous building with a friendly welcoming atmosphere.”

Says The CultureTrip.com:“Myanmar hotels can be hit or miss, so it’s best that visitors to the country plan and do their research before any trip. Take a look at this guide to a range of hostels and 5-star resorts that provide the best design and service.”